For those that live in warmer climates, golf season never ends, and you can play almost all year long. Congratulations—your game is as good as it gets all the time. However, for those that live up north and are suffering through snow, wind, and ice, winter is coming to an end. That means it’s time to get the clubs out of storage and start practicing. Learn how to get ready for golf season so you can hit the course strong and not embarrass yourself the first round.

Keep Swinging

Even if you live in a snow-covered tundra, there are ways to hit a bucket of balls during the winter months. There are golf simulators available that make it look like you are standing at the 18th tee box at Augusta. Find one in your area and just hit some balls. It’s not entirely the same thing, but at minimum, you’ll be able to take a full swing indoors and hit a ball without worrying about breaking anything.

Practice your Short Game

The short game is the most difficult in golf, so try to keep it sharp. Set up a small putting green in your home and practice putting. There is always mini-golf too, so give that a go. Take the kids to the nearest indoor mini-golf course and make a day of it. You might feel silly at first, but that’ll pass. Have a day of fun with the family and get some much-needed practice in at the same time.

Stay Loose

Even though we’ve found ways to take most of the physicality out of golf with golf carts, it’s still a sport. There is a level of athletic ability needed to play golf, so try to stay (or get into) shape so you can play well. Hitting a golf ball well takes flexibility and the ability to shift weight without throwing out your back. So do some exercises to stay loose.

Take a Round Trip

The best way to get ready for the season is to play golf. Book a trip with your buddies to go play golf somewhere warm. Take a week off as the season draws near to hit the links with the squad and knock the rust off. It’s been a long boring winter, so treat yourself and have a good time.

Check Your Bag

Get your golf bag out of the garage and give them a cleaning. Check the condition of all the clubs, the bag, and whatever else is in there. As you clean up the clubs, check the grips for wear and cracks. Take inventory to see if you will need some balls, tees, and maybe a new glove. Get everything ready to go so on that when the momentous spring day arrives, you will at least look like you know what you’re doing.


This year, try not to be the guy on the course that doesn’t know what he’s doing and is clearly faking his way through it all. It’s okay to be that guy once or twice—but not all the time. Thankfully, this guide should help you have your best season yet.