Golf is no joke. It’s intense, it’s difficult, and it’s arguably the most mentally draining sport to ever exist. Amateur golfers like ourselves, live, eat and breathe this sport day in and day out. We strive to become better both in the physical game but also within the mental part. But PGA Tour players have made it. They successfully achieved the vision we are only lucky to live through our dreams. So how did they get there? How did they make it to the big time while making golf look so easy? Each player’s path to making it to the top is different, but these four traits can be seen in all of them.


Loving golf isn’t just playing a couple of rounds a few times a week; it’s not even playing it seven days a week. Golfers hit thousands of golf balls to help advance their game each week. It’s a full time job to play golf and become the best of the best. It’s hours of devoted time to the game, but it’s also quality time spent away from friends and family. It’s a game that requires your undivided attention consistently. It’s about finding the right trainer, the right caddie, the right life partner to stand by your side. It’s about striving for success when you’ve hit rock bottom. It’s about unconditionally loving the sport, even when you keep finding yourself in the ditch.


Sometimes our egos get the best of us and we think we can make it over that water hazard, when in reality, there’s just no way. One of the best habits pro golfers can practice is honesty. Being honest with yourself on how confident you really feel about each swing, every stroke, can only help you improve your game.


Some people may call it a gift: not cracking under pressure. In the golf world, this habitual practice is a must have. When the leader board starts to tighten up, you have to be confident to stay on top of your game. All eyes are on you, and if you over think your swings and short game, chances are, the pressure will get to you and you’ll croak. The best of the best keep their cool, stay calm, and thrive under these conditions (usually).


Staying humble is huge in golf. It’s so easy to get a big head and an even bigger ego, but it can and should be done. Once that cocky attitude starts settling in, it’s easy to lose yourself on the course. Staying true to yourself, no matter how amazing of a player you become is key.