It’s been engineered to be the strongest hitting net in the name of golf. If you don’t have the Giant Hitting Net set up in your backyard, you’re missing out. Set up your Giant Hitting Net in minutes and take it down just as fast. You’re never going to want to spend an extra penny on the driving range again when you have this gem set up right in your own backyard.

It’s not named the “Giant” for nothing. This 12’ x 10’ hitting net is made out of premium mesh netting to keep your strength from creating unintended wear and tear on the net after each swing. It’s wide and tall circular shape allows for you to use anywhere from a driver to a wedge for practice. Imagine taking full swings with your driver in your own backyard! The target included will help sharpen your aim with each swing you take. Skip paying for driving ranges or a round of golf when you just want to get a few practice swings in. Just quickly pitch up the net and start swinging.

If you don’t have a large enough yard for the Giant Hitting Net, you may still be in luck. Easily set up the net in your garage or full basement with higher ceilings. Keep up on your game in the winter months when the golf blues start to settle in and you have no place to practice. Even though this Giant Net is in fact, well…giant, it still easily compacts into a nylon storage case. The straps are made with extra support to keep you comfortable while transporting it. Plus, it easily fits inside any storage space after it’s taken down.

It may seem intimidating to set up due to its large size, but it’s all in the looks! Putting together this net is easy and won’t take long to do at all! Check out our tutorial video for a step by step guide to setting it up here.