It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or just a casual golfer—staying in shape is an important part of maintaining strong golf skills. Bouts of weakness, inflexibility, and exhaustion could be responsible for those few bad games. That’s why we’ve put together a simple list of workouts for golfers. All of the exercises below can help you improve your physical fitness and get back to playing some incredible rounds of golf. We’ve added YouTube links to each if you’d like a visual demonstration.

  1. Hip Crossovers
    Lie on your back with your arms stretched out to your sides. Bend your knees, but keep your feet wider than your shoulders with heels planted on the ground (toes pointing up). Twist your bent legs to the left and then the right, making sure they slightly touch the ground. Remember to keep your shoulders on the ground and engage your core.
  2. Lateral Squats
    Stand with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders. Shift your hips down to the right by bending your right knee and keeping the left leg straight. Repeat on each side. Keep your feet pointed forward, and make sure the knee that you’re squatting on is behind your toes.
  3. Knee Hugs
    Stand up straight with your arms at your side. Lift your right foot off the ground while slightly squatting with the left leg. Grab below the right knee with your hands and pull it close to your chest as you contract the muscles in your left leg. Hold for a few seconds, then return to the starting position and do the same thing on the other side.
  4. Dumbbell Shoulder Press
    Before you begin, make sure your choice of dumbbell weight is not excessive. It’s better to choose a lighter weight so you can maintain good form through the whole set. Hold the dumbbells by your shoulders with palms facing forward. Your elbows should be out to the side, bent at a 90° angle. Extend through your elbows and press the weights above your head. Take it slow, and make sure you’re not leaning back during the set.
  5. Medicine Ball Throws
    Similar to the dumbbell exercise above, choose a medicine ball of manageable weight. You’re going to need a wall and a decent amount of space around you. Throw the ball at the wall as if you’re simulating a swing. During the backswing keep knees bent, and turn your back away from the wall. As you swing through, drive your back hip toward the wall and catch the ball as it rebounds. Remember to keep your back flat and chest up, and switch sides to stay even.
  6. Slow Sit Ups
    Sit with your back straight, knees bent, and arms pointed at a 45° angle in front of you. Slowly lower yourself to lie flat on your back while keeping your legs and arms still. You’ll want to engage your core to lower yourself at a slow pace, and stay balanced with your arms still reaching out. Move until you’re lying flat on the ground. From there, slowly raise yourself back into the starting position, making sure your back is straight and your core is tight in the process.

Keep in mind that if you experience pain during any workouts for golfers, you should meet with your physician to ensure that you’re not causing damage that could permanently put you out of the game.