At the most basic level golf is a simple game: swing the club, hit the ball and try to get it into the hole 400 yards away.  Seems easy enough. But golf is a complex game, with a sizable rule book and complicated code of conduct. Every summer millions of people play golf and the hardest part for most of them is simply hitting the ball. Here are the 5 pros of golf lessons.



Hitting a stationary ball long and straight with an oversized club should be easy, but it’s not. A golf pro will teach you the basic mechanics behind a golf swing. There are a million different things to consider when addressing the ball: proper foot placement, keeping your lead arm straight, where to position the ball in your stance, keeping your head down and so on.  Once all the pieces are put together and your swing is perfect the ball will fly.


Know your Clubs

During lessons you will hit every club in your bag and learn what they are meant to do. There are three basic styles of club; woods, irons and putters. Woods are bigger and longer and used for distance, the irons are shorter, smaller and used to hit the ball shorter distances and the putter is used on the green. The driver is club #1 because it is generally the first club used, as the club number increases the distance it can hit decreases.


Rules of the Game

The earliest known rule book had 13 rules in it.  That has expanded to 34, with many sub rules, and many more sub-sub rules. Fortunately, most of those rules only apply to PGA Tour professionals but there are plenty of weekend warriors that love to spout obscure rules, so it would be good to know a few. For beginners the most basic rule to be followed is, “play the ball as it lies”, meaning wherever it lands, that’s where you hit it from.


Learn Golf Etiquette

Golf is considered a gentleman’s game and there are a lot of niceties that aren’t written rules but a code of conduct. The biggest faux pas on the course is walking in the path of another players ball on the green. The idea being that the spikes from your shoes will create holes in the ground that could affect the track of the ball. There are dozens more and lessons will expose you to most of them.

Meet other Golfers

Ultimately all these lessons are leading you to hitting the links and playing 18 holes, and you will need some company. Being at the driving range and on the course will put you amongst other golfers. It’s good to be around the game and other enthusiast so that you can learn some etiquette, learn some rules and just talk about golf.