You probably use your golf bag primarily for your clubs, but it’s likely full of many pockets, too. You can get plenty of use out of those pockets by using them to store items that can improve your game. Take advantage of the space with these essential items for your golf bag that you don’t want to leave at home.


Golf requires you to keep track of your own score, which means you’ll need some sort of writing instrument. Come prepared with a pack of mini pencils—the ones you get at the golf course can easily break—so that you don’t lose track of your game.


The sport can take a lot out of you when you’re out in the sun all day. This can also increase the risk of sunburn. Make sure you pack some sunscreen in your golf bag so that you can avoid the burn by reapplying throughout the outing.


You may also want to bring a towel with you. The sun can cause you to sweat and potentially affect your grip on the club. It can also just be uncomfortable to be covered in sweat, especially when you’re trying to concentrate.


Speaking of your golfing grip, you should also come to the course prepared with golf gloves. You can sport either one or two, but regardless, it will improve your grip on the club. Not to mention, gloves will also help prevent blisters.


Golf demands your focus, and when you’re playing out in the sun, the bright sunlight can affect that focus. You also need to track your golf ball, and wearing sunglasses can help you prevent the sun from affecting your vision. While some people purchase sunglasses without a second thought, we recommend that you try them on before you buy, especially if you’re getting them for golf.


It’s also important to stay as hydrated as possible while you’re outside all day. That’s why another essential item for your golf bag is some sort of water bottle, which can help prevent dehydration in the middle of your game.


Like pencils, you never know when you’re going to break a tee. Have a pack off tees ready to go for you and the others who are golfing with you.


The final item that should be in your golf bag is a Swami GPS. This GPS will give you an advantage on the course by providing you with important data after every shot, such as the score, distance, average driving stance, and more.