It’s like no GPS ever used before! The SWAMI Voice Clip Golf GPS is the perfect GPS for any golfer! If you’re just learning the game or have been playing for a while, the SWAMI Voice offers unique features that can help improve your rounds. Whether it’s helping you step up your game at the links, or spicing up your style, this golf GPS is a must have no matter what.

Get your Distances Read to You!

We don’t call our unit the “SWAMI Voice” for nothing. Easily have our golf GPS read to you the precise distances to the front, center and back of the green with just the click of a button. Thanks to its total versatility features, you can have the distances read to you no matter if the unit is clipped to your hat, belt or even your bag. That’s right, clip to any of those accessories and always have it on hand during your round.

Endless Unique Features!

Attack the pin with multiple display orientations. Read the accurate distances off the SWAMI Voice by having the yardages display for you in a vertical or horizontal view. Track every shot you take with the Shot Distance feature. All it takes is a single click and you can easily view how far your swings carry your ball. Plus, ditch the pencil and scorecard. The SWAMI Voice allows you to keep track of all your scores with the Digital Scorecard. Check your score history to check your progress after every round.

No Download Fees Necessary!

If that’s not enough to persuade you to take home the SWAMI Voice, maybe this will…Forget about all the subscription and download fees most GPS units require to use their features. The SWAMI Voice is pre-loaded with over 38,000 courses and not even one requires a fee to use. Plus, if you happen to find that the course you play at isn’t synced into our database, reach out to us and we’ll add it for you.

So how does that sound? It’s time that you use a GPS that will not only improve your game, enhance your style, and save you money, but a GPS that has everything you could need all in one device.