You’ve known about our SWAMI line since 2009. For over ten years we have been delivering unique, reliable, game improving technology to make your round of golf more enjoyable. From the SWAMI 1500 to the SWAMI 5000, we have consistently offered you the best of our SWAMI devices. Now it’s time for our newest GPS unit yet, the SWAMI 6000. With even more advanced features in the same simple device, you’ll be wishing you had this in your hand years before.

4 Different Modes!

The SWAMI 6000 offers multiple different modes to make sure your game is progressing every time you hit the links. Receive accurate distances to the front, center and back of green on every hole, thanks to the auto-hole advance feature. When using the Hazard Mode, precise distances to the front and back of hazards will display on every hole you play on. Always know if there are water hazards, doglegs, trees or bunkers that could get in your way before you tee off. Use the Shot Distance feature and know how far you’re hitting the ball with every swing. It’s easy and displays your shot distance fast and accurately. Don’t worry about forgetting to grab a scorecard and pencil. The SWAMI 6000’s Digital Scorecard Mode helps you keep track of your scores and view for progress later. It even keeps track of PPRs and GIRs!

Magnetic Backing!

The hottest feature the SWAMI 6000 delivers is the strong internal magnet support that helps secure your unit on the cart frame for easy access. Get the info you need from your GPS unit and easily stick it to your cart. After your swing, hop in your cart and drive away. The SWAMI 6000 will stay attached to your cart, no matter how bumpy those cart paths are to drive on.

Game Changer - Money Saver!

With over 38,000 pre-loaded courses synced into the SWAMI 6000, the GPS will automatically recognize the course at start up. And if you find that your course isn’t in our database, just reach out to us and we’ll happily get it added for you. Forget about throwing money away at apps, download fees and subscriptions; the SWAMI 6000 requires none of that!

You know our SWAMI line is accurate, reliable and always modern with its style and features. So, don’t wait and get your unit today and watch your golf game take the next level!