Golf caddies play an important role in any round of golf. They help carry a golfer’s equipment as well as provide valuable information about the course, which can improve a golfer’s game. To provide the best service possible, every good caddy should adhere to these golf caddy etiquette tips.

Be familiar with the course

Having a good knowledge of the golf course is essential to being a good caddy. A caddy who knows the greens, slopes, distances to hazards, and the right lines for drives is a valuable resource for golfers, especially if the golfer is unfamiliar with the course.

Know the game

A caddy doesn’t have to be a skilled golfer to do their job well, but they should have a solid understanding of the sport. This knowledge will help them assist the golfer in making good decisions and provide advice on club selection.

Keep your eye on the ball

Golf balls often go missing, even if the golfer is paying close attention. As such, caddies should keep their eye on the ball just in case the golfer needs help finding it. They should at least be able to identify the ball’s general location.

Position yourself properly

Caddies must never stand in a golfer’s line of putt, and they should remember to stay silent and still. Doing so will ensure they don’t distract the golfer and mess up their shot. While on the green, caddies should also make sure not to walk in the imaginary lines between balls and holes.

Keep clubs clean and organized

After each shot, a caddy is responsible for cleaning off the clubs. As such, a good caddy should always have a towel on hand. In addition, a caddy should examine how their golfer organizes their golf bag prior to each round to guarantee that the clubs are put back in the proper location.

By following these golf caddy etiquette tips, you can ensure that you provide the most enjoyable and successful golfing experience possible.