There’s a lot that goes into the game of golf. Between the rules, dress code, and course etiquette, the first time you head out to play can be an overwhelming experience. We’re here to help you tackle one of these obstacles. Below is a guide on what to wear your first time golfing; it’s a list of staple pieces for the ultimate men’s golf wardrobe.

Collar Polo Shirt
If you want to fit in at any country club, a collared polo shirt is a must. It can be long- or short-sleeve, but it must have a collar. You’ll also want to choose a shirt with material that will keep you comfortable for the whole round. If it’s colder out, choose a cotton shirt. For warm, humid weather, we recommend synthetic material that wicks away sweat.

Shorts & Slacks
Depending on the weather, along with your personal preference, either shorts or slacks are acceptable attire. Keep in mind that they need to have belt loops, as this is the norm for golfers. There are plenty of golf pants on the market that come in a variety of colors and are made from an array of materials. Choose pants that you feel comfortable in, and that fall within the traditional color palette: khaki, gray, tan, beige. Unless you’re at the top of the golf hierarchy, stay away from white and any other bright colors.

Golf Shoes
There are plenty of golf shoes, and you want to make sure you purchase the right pair. The proper shoe depends on the course standards, as well as the skill level of the player.

  • Avoid steel spike shoes. These are for the pros and are normally not allowed on basic courses used by nonprofessional golfers.
  • Soft spikes are made of plastic and rubber to avoid tearing up the course. They are the most commonly-used shoes among basic golfers.
  • Spikeless shoes are used by those who suffer from pain caused by the pressure from spiked shoes. They’re known to be more comfortable and casual-looking.

You’ll want to use a belt—it makes the outfit look more put together. To go along with your choice of golf shoe, you’ll want to purchase white or black ankle socks. You can also add a few extra accessories, depending on the golfing conditions. Sunglasses and hats will be your saving grace during a sunny round of golf. When choosing a hat, stick to baseball caps, visors, or bucket hats. The last optional item you can use is a golf glove. You’re only supposed to wear one glove on your nondominant hand. This will help you maintain a good grip and prevent calluses.

When you look the part, you’ll feel much more confident on the course. This list on what to wear your first time golfing is a good start to what will hopefully be your long golf career. Take time to go over the rules and etiquette of the game before heading out, and (most importantly) remember to have fun!