On Tuesday, August 28th Izzo Golf took a visit to Irondequoit Country Club to help sponsor the RDGA Senior Championship Tournament. The golfers came as prepared as possible for the big event, but no one was ready for the 90+ degree weather they were playing under. Nonetheless, the golfers made time to stop by our IZZO tent to say hello, share some memorable golf moments they’ve had during their lifetime, and grab a free IZZO towel to cool them down for the long round of 18 they were about to endure.

But one lucky (or rather, talented) golfer was about to receive more than a free towel. The winner of the tournament was presented with one of our very own IZZO golf bags, equipped with a cooling towel and umbrella. This year’s winner was Steve Puccia, member of Penfield Country Club. He shot a 72 in the first round and a 75 in the second, making his overall total score an amazing 147.

Steve Puccia wasn’t the only winner in the Senior Championship tournament though; Jim Holihan won the IZZO Swami 5000 free giveaway (that win may be due to luck though)!

Congratulations to all the golfers who came out in the muggy weather to play their rounds of 18. That in and of itself, is impressive.