According to the American Cancer Society, about 266,120 invasive breast cancer cases will be diagnosed in 2018, as well as 63,960 non-invasive cases. Chances are you know someone who has had to face this awful disease at some point in your life.

To help make a difference for both men and women who have been diagnosed, IZZO Golf is going pink! A portion of the proceeds made from Swami 5000s purchased in October will be donated to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.

Additionally, throughout the month of October, IZZO Golf will be promoting the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation on social media by having followers enter numerous PINK giveaways, in hopes to spread the word on how others can make a difference, as well as raise money for the foundation.

Breast cancer is still the second-leading cause of cancer death in women, and it’s up to us to help fight this staggering statistic, and raise money for research and education. IZZO Golf President, Joe Cupido, wants to continue this effort for years to come. “This may be a first for IZZO, but continuing this campaign is a must. Spreading the word and making a difference is something we will do in our own community in hopes that it will grow from there.”

For more information regarding Izzo Golf’s participation in the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, please visit our website at, or visit our Facebook page at Izzo Golf/Swami GPS, our Twitter page at The Swamination, or our Instagram page at izzo_golf. For any questions, please reach out to the above contact.